How to Keep Your Bathroom in Good Condition

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house, it quickly accumulates dirt and turns into a breeding ground for bacteria, grime and moulds. With that in mind, keeping the bathroom clean can quickly become a dreaded chore. If you like the look of your new bathroom and want to keep it clean then bathroom cleaning tips are what you need. Paying special attention to the easier-to-clean parts of your bathroom such as the basin, shower head and bathroom furniture to remove soap scum through regular wipe-downs with hot, soapy water can go a long way toward ensuring your bathroom is neat and clean.

If you’re seeking practical cleaning tips on ways to keep your bathroom cleaner, or need tips to keep the cleaning blues away, we have all the information you need to make bathroom cleaning a pleasure.

Safety reminder: Before using your all-purpose cleaner products, always read the labels on the cleaners and maintenance manuals that come with them.

Keep your Bathroom Clean, Fresh and in Good Condition

Regular cleaning habits of those hard-to-reach areas are the key to a clean bathroom that appears fresh and hygienic because there are numerous minor things that can make your bathroom less than perfect.

Essential Bathroom habits:

  • Always put the lid on – When you flush, if you leave the toilet lid open, bacteria and tiny water droplets may spray throughout the room. To keep the bacteria in control and make the rest of the bathroom much more hygienic, simply flip the lid down while flushing.
  • Proper Brush Hygiene – Brushes can make a big mess by leaving toothpaste traces on the sink, vanity, and other surfaces. If you like to keep your toothbrushes in a glass or cup, make sure to wash the glass or cup once a week in hot, soapy water or rinse it through the dishwasher. Old toothbrushes are often overlooked so remove any no longer in use.
  • Cleaning shower curtains regularly – Cleaning mouldy shower curtains and liners may be a nightmare. For plastic and cloth curtains, as long as they are washable in the washing machine, a warm wash will thoroughly clean them. It is very satisfying to see the curtains nice and clean.
  • Deep cleaning toilet seat and bowls – The toilet bowl, as well as the seat, are the toilet’s more visible components that you should keep clean on a regular basis. It is important to thoroughly clean these areas once a week using bathroom cleaning products. Let the product sit for 15 minutes before scrubbing and cleaning the bowl with a toilet brush. Bleach is also good for disinfecting bathroom surfaces.
  • Empty bathroom trash can – Some of your home’s less desirable waste is frequently kept in the bathroom trash can. And they frequently fill up rapidly despite being little. Don’t forget to clean and empty it regularly. A container full of discarded tissues, Q-tips, and dental floss isn’t very pleasant. Removal of empty containers for things like hair products and liquid soap will also improve the way it looks.
  • Bathroom routine maintenance – Avoid the desire to skip cleaning your toilet during routine maintenance and get into the habit of giving as much attention as you can with a toilet brush and scouring powder.
  • Properly piled towels – Towels or hand towels should be folded and piled properly to look clean. It looks messy when there are towels on the floor or even hanging over the shower curtain.
  • Keep dirty clothes in the laundry basket in different areas – Because the size of your bathrooms tends to be small they can easily get smelly because of damp clothes, towels or bath mats. It is a good idea to keep the dirty clothes in a laundry basket in a different area as a simple way to freshen the room

To help keep your bathroom looking fresh, prevent stains on bathroom sinks or any bathroom surfaces and faucets, clean your bathroom carefully and wipe down the entire area with a clean, dry towel after usage. The way to prevent the build-up of mould growth that grows in the spaces near the sink drain and where the faucet meets the porcelain or any part of the bathroom is by drying the area with a towel after usage.

Every bathroom can be easy to clean if you follow these steps

Installing Proper air ventilation

Moisture and bathrooms go together, but so do moisture and the nastiest bathroom issues, like mould and mildew. In every shower that will last for 15 to 25 minutes, manage moisture by opening a window or turning on the exhaust fan. As a result, the steam can escape and the extra moisture can dry up. This will make a huge difference in your bathroom looking like new.

Touch up paint to avoid chipping & peeling in the bathroom

One of the wettest and most exposed-to-water leaks rooms in your house is the bathroom. This means that there is a significant chance of paint peeling, which might result in the growth of bacteria and fungus. Not to mention that peeling paint gives your bathroom a worn-out appearance, which you don’t want.

To prevent peeling and chipping, touch up the paint. With a paint scraper or sand knife, you must first remove all of the chipped paint. Remove them all, and be sure to use eye protection and a mask to prevent breathing in paint and dust. You’ll need to patch up the surface after removing all the flaking paint. Apply a few thin layers and allow them to completely dry.

When the patched portions are completely dry, use sandpaper to smooth up the surface. The bathroom walls should then be primed with an oil-based primer to shield them against potential water damage and paint peeling. Dry it completely. The bathroom ceiling and walls should now be painted keeping your bathroom looking fabulous.

Applying a grout or steam cleaner

Not all cleaners can be used because different materials are used to make bathroom tiles. It is essential to choose which product would be most helpful in cleaning your tiles and grout. Natural stone can be quite weak and is prone to stains or damage from harsh cleaners, like travertine.

To remove dirt from your tile grout, use cleaning products made especially for grout. An alternative way to avoid using chemicals is to use a steam cleaner to remove dirt.

Steam cleaners thoroughly clean the tiles and they are also the ideal tool for cleaning grout lines. Hot steam easily loosens dirt, filth, and grease from these surfaces, which are typically difficult to clean because of their pores and holes.

Keep a squeegee to prevent mould build-up

Squeegee is a necessary home item that is often used in daily cleaning. It is also important for cleaning windows, shower doors and mirrors because it leaves these surfaces instantly spotless with just a few wipes.

Your bathroom may be cleaned quickly and easily. In fact, taking such minimal action frequently is more likely to stop dirt from accumulating and necessitating a thorough deep clean. Additionally, frequent mini-cleans keep the area germ-free and hygienic.