Ways 5 to Make Your New Bathroom Sparkle

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What’s the Best Time to Renovate Your Bathroom?

One of the most often asked concerns regarding bathroom renovation is “When is the ideal time of year to begin?” While a bathroom makeover may theoretically take place at any time of year, scheduling it at certain seasons of the year can assist expedite the process.

Any home renovation project may take a significant amount of time to accomplish – from hiring contractors to selecting and purchasing materials. Bathroom remodels typically take between six weeks and six months to complete, depending on the scope of the renovation. While scheduling your renovation around your family’s requirements is critical, there are other factors to consider to ensure that your project runs well.

1.You’re ready for a change

  • A growing family puts a greater demand on the bathroom. Consider upgrading the bathtub to a larger size to make the nighttime ritual more bearable or adding another sink to quell the teeth-brushing/face-washing/hair-styling disputes.


  • Alternatively, suppose your children are moving in the other direction, and you are facing an empty nest. In that case, you may want to renovate your bathroom to accommodate a more peaceful and independent lifestyle. 


 2.You need more space 

  • Three main constraints occur when renovating a bathroom: the general area of the bathroom, the placement of existing plumbing and electrical connections, and the conventional standard measurements of bathroom fixtures. More challenging than shopping without measuring is ending up with too large or too little for your needs. Therefore, ensure that you bring the correct dimensions and specs to the shop.


3.It’s time for a new look 

  • When you initially begin, consider the appearance you want for your bathroom. There are many details to consider, like the color of the paint, the tiles, cabinets, basins, tubs, and faucets. It may quickly become overwhelming, so get started. You may begin by assembling components that you want into what will become the bathroom’s final design, or you can choose a design item for the bathroom and then work your way around the rest of the invention.


  • Almost any material may be used to cover the walls and floors of the bathroom as long as it is enclosed, either naturally or with an impermeable coating. Depending on your budget and taste, ceramic, marble, and granite tiles create beautiful, extremely durable ground and wall surfaces for bathrooms. Other flooring choices include cement, sheet vinyl, or vinyl tiles that are more affordable and attractive than they used to be. Whatever your taste, there is other critical criteria for choosing bathroom flooring: durability and slip resistance.


  • Though least in the grand scheme of the job, no renovation is complete without new accessories. And, strangely, little things like clean linens, laundry, hand towels, lights, towel racks, and bath mats all add up to the ultimate cost. If you’re on a budget, fresh hand towels are preferable to nothing.


4.There are plumbing or drainage problems that can’t be fixed 

  • There can be no complete makeover without rebuilding or restoring the next fixtures and features: tub, bath, bathroom, bidet, oven, faucets, and showerheads. Additionally, it would help if you replaced or repaired your mirrors and shower doors. Further, you may easily alter the appearance of your bathroom by changing doorknobs, drawer pulls, and the hardware on your tub doors. If you have the money, a new pair of shower doors can dramatically transform the appearance of your room.


  • Cabinet design, stacking, and storage systems are often challenging tasks. They must be functional and store all of your belongings while being readily accessible, they must fit in with the available space to maximize its use, and they must appear fashionable on top of it all. It is particularly true in tiny, irregularly shaped areas, such as the bathroom.


  • Ventilation is critical in a humid area such as the bathroom. It’s also a difficult task that needs meticulous planning: selecting the proper fan, placing it at the appropriate location, and handling the electrical wiring. Inadequate ventilation may cause your bathroom to become wet, moldy, and even dangerous to your health. A well-ventilated bathroom, on the other hand, is not just a nice bathroom. Additionally, continuous airflow prevents degradation of any wooden trim or attachments and depletion of building insulation.



The final cleanup should involve thoroughly washing all cabinets, both inside and out, ducting, walls, floor, windows, and light fixtures. While it is often overlooked during the planning phase, you may want to start a cleaning service if you are doing a significant renovation that would incur extra expenses. If you feel up to it, you may need to adjust your original time by one or two days.


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