10 Creative And Out Of The Box Bathroom Ideas

Are you having a little trouble coming up with creative bathroom design ideas? It’s important to plan out everything you want to incorporate in your bathroom design before you start, regardless of whether you have a large or small bathroom. No matter what colours or styles you’re looking for, we have the ideal items to show you at Bathrooms Scotland because we offer the ideal balance of budget rates with designer-level collection ranges.

Whether you’re a millennial with a fancy apartment or a father trying to give the children their ideal bathroom set, our 10 creative bathroom ideas have something for everyone. For all the details you’ll need to locate the ideal eccentric ideas for your bathroom, follow our recommendations.

Creative and Unique Bathroom Ideas

We genuinely hope that the information below helps you find what you’re looking for. To assist you in finding bathroom ideas that work for your preferred room, we’ve tried to put together a variety of useful tips, ranging from style recommendations to storage ideas.

1. Using a Ladder as a Towel Rail

Using a ladder as a towel rail comes in first place on our list of bathroom ideas. Although it may sound strange, there are a lot of creative ways that people are able to incorporate rustic chic into their homes.

Your bathroom door could effectively function as a barn door with this amazing idea. Simply trim your ladder to fit, give it a quick clean and sand it, and maybe even paint it. The rustic components that you could only have dreamed having for of your bathroom are now yours.

Seeking for Suggestions

Top tip: Look through the comments left by other readers under blog postings, for instance, to get ideas for your home’s designs.

People frequently express their opinions and provide the best advice they’ve used in their own homes, showing a flare for flamboyant design.

2. Using Wall Art

Another of our top picks for unique bathroom design is to incorporate wall art. The installation of a bathtub or shower in a bathroom does not exclude it from appearing trendy.

Decorate the walls of your bathroom with whatever prints or paintings that are sitting around your home; you never know, you might end up building a bathroom collection.

By arranging the walls to look the way you wanted them, you may add many unique personal touches to your bathroom this way. This could be a great alternative if you wish to add some decorative items or wall art.

Enhance Current Fixtures

Even current fixtures and fittings can be framed by these works of art, highlighting the shape of some of your bathroom furnishings. You can draw attention to this area and have something lovely to look at when taking a bubble bath, for instance, by hanging a range of paintings on the wall behind your tub!

3. Using Wall Tiles

The next piece of advice we have is to use tile to enhance the appearance of the walls in your bathroom. Why not experiment with something new with the basic, conventional wall tiles you now have on your walls—which, by the way, are timeless and stylish. Some people actually enjoy writing something on the wall with their tiles, such as a name or entertaining phrase.

To add some excitement to their morning ritual, many people even enjoy dropping in the occasional motivational saying. One of our favourite suggestions in this post is made possible by the fact that customers can take advantage of it even from the restroom entrance.

Painting and Tiles

You can always play around with a tile and wall colour combination if the kitschy charm isn’t your thing. Regardless of how much tile is available, the world is absolutely your oyster. You might paint the room a different colour from the tiles or in contrasting colours.

4. Using Shower Curtains

The shower curtain in our fourth recommendation will transport you to the past. Giving life to your artwork by utilising the shower curtain is one of our favourite weird bathroom ideas. A shower curtain is a genius way to add a retro vibe to your bathroom because it is such an easy item to add. Just make sure to pick one with a bold pattern.

It is unquestionably an acquired taste, so we won’t hold it against you because you decide not to follow this advice. However, incorporating colour and patterns can be a great way to give your bathroom a fresh new look. Why try going through some images on a different website if you’re unsure?

Who knows? You might fall in love with the look that an antique curtain provides you.

5. Using Tropical Prints

Our fifth recommendation is a real treat! This will satisfy all of your expectations if maximalism seems to be more your style than minimalism. Throw off the stark white and try for something tropical instead.

You might find some tropical wallpaper, paint the walls a bright colour to match, or even choose a tropical design for your shower curtain or storage basket to use with this amusing print. With your floor tiles or towels, you may travel anywhere.

How to Use Tropical Patterns

There are countless ways to incorporate a tropical design into your bathroom, whether it be with furniture or decorative objects. Why not purchase some green tropical plants to match, too, if you really want to go all out? A bathroom is an ideal place for these low-maintenance plants, so decorate your windows with a few Monsteras.

The upper half of the room should be wallpapered, while the bottom half should be painted in a striking complementary colour.

6. Using Mirror Patterns

The next thing on our list is to alter the appearance of your bathroom mirrors! Everyone enjoys looking into an oddball mirror when seated at the sink. If you love jazzy wallpaper and want to use it in your bathroom, you can also include a bathroom mirror that matches the style of the wallpaper. Mirror shapes may make or break a bathroom.

Creating a collection of complementary patterns is an exciting method to decorate the space in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and harmonious.

Finishing touches

All of the furniture in your bathroom needs to be perfectly matched to the layout of the area. These accents are a great example of how this functions! Make sure your chosen-looking glass is in the proper place for a more dramatic effect.

7. Storage

As we approach the end of our checklist of bathroom advice, it’s time to discuss storage. One of the most important facets you’ll find stated in this article, or any page is storage. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your bathroom or another room of the house; storage is vital.

People often overlook the possibility of bathroom storage because they are focused on selecting the ideal set of fixtures and furniture. If there is a vacant wall or even a suitable corner in this room, you might turn it into a floor-to-ceiling storage area.

Wall Compartment

A wall compartment is a great idea for storage, and you could even put in a tiny spotlight in this room to highlight any decorative accents, like a towel rack or somewhere to store all of your fancy toiletries.

8. Chandelier

Before we move to the other elements on the list, let’s talk about lighting. And how about adding a chandelier to polish up your bathroom lighting?

A chandelier is a great way to add elegance to your bathroom, especially if the rest of your home is quite sophisticated and you want to maintain the trend. This atmosphere might be achieved with a lovely vanity sink or other pieces of furniture, but a chandelier adds amazing luxury to any room without really taking up more space.

Additional Advice on Luxurious Lighting

Install some wide windows and this lighting for the ultimate in luxury if you’re going for a contemporary twist on luxury. On our website, you can choose from a wide range of lavish lighting and accessory alternatives. 

9. Accessories and Features 

For all of you accessory enthusiasts out there, we have our ninth recommendation. Time to accessorise! Adding unique decorations to your bathroom is without a doubt the best way to enhance a paint job or colour scheme.

Finding creative ways to organize your towels or clear the mess off your floor goes in hand with this. Get creative with your storage options. Due to the wide variety of recommendations posted on this site, you won’t have any trouble finding inspiration.

If you favour white paint jobs, why not apply different bathroom accessories to add dashes of colour? If you prefer plain white paint on walls and don’t want to add colour with a costly paint job, this could even be a money-saving strategy.

10. Chalkboard

Congratulations on making it to the very end of the list! Our final piece of advice is a beloved back-to-school tool: the chalkboard. Many people use a chalkboard instead of glasses.

This way, you can quickly leave a note on the chalkboard for the next person who enters the room to see, and instead of gushing over your appearance, you may start your day with a pleasant message.

Frequently Ask Questions

How can I improve the appearance of my tiny bathroom?

There are several methods you may use to give your bathroom a touch of elegance. Our favourites are as follows:

  • A simple paint job using beige or white as the main colours
  • Chandelier
  • Accessories

With these ideas, your shower room will undoubtedly gain a touch of classy sophistication. Why not try looking for additional elegant flooring solutions, like marble tiles?

How can I style a compact bathroom?

We hope the suggestions above have given you some great design ideas for a small bathroom. Space is of course an even more major element that you’ll want to be aware of. Here are the top three decorating suggestions for creating the illusion of space:

  • Light-coloured paints
  • Horizontal floor tiles
  • A lot of natural light

What will be popular in bathrooms in 2022?

It appears that 2022 will be the year of luxury for a lot of people. All of this year’s major trends include some extremely lavish elements, including:

  • Deep-soaking bathtubs
  • Brass finishes
  • Marble Components

How can I decorate my bathroom inexpensively?

Fortunately, our website has the ideal selection of furniture and decor items to liven up your living areas. Whatever your demands, we can meet them on a budget, whether you need a small cloakroom or a larger powder room.

Our best advice for reducing costs is to look for room sets rather than individual pieces of furniture; you’ll discover that doing so results in a more simplified style for less money.