5 Crucial Factors To Consider When Designing A Wet Room

Wet rooms are indeed a trendy element

They create wide, open bathrooms with spacious layouts that have a calm, bright vibe.

They are also incredibly useful. In many cases, installing a wet room can actually give elderly or disabled persons more independence by eliminating the need for big bathtubs and shower trays.

There are a few essential components to be aware of when planning to create a wet room, whether you’re doing so for accessibility reasons or as a design element. Following is a summary of them:

1. Drainage for a wet room

You must determine the type of floor you have prior to planning a wet room installation. Although wet rooms can be set either above or downstairs, the floor level must be increased or lowered depending on the flooring.

Wet rooms necessitate a gentle slope surrounding the shower drain since they lack a standalone shower tray. To avoid water collecting on the floor and creating a hazard, this ratio should be around 1:4.

In most cases, it is possible to place the shower drain below floor level if your home has suspended timber flooring (i.e., floorboards). However, a suspended floor must be built from wood beams if your floor is concrete. Your ceiling height will be somewhat reduced as a result.

2. Floor Type

For wet room floors, vinyl and tiling are the two primary choices.

There are many different types of tiling, which can give the room a lovely finish. Tile, however, is more difficult to maintain clean and will require grouting and care.

The possibility of slipping is a crucial factor to take into account while using tiled flooring. Wall tiles are unsuitable, and matte or slip-resistant tiles are always needed to keep your wet room safe and efficient.

Vinyl flooring is typically suggested if you’re installing a wet room for accessibility reasons. Vinyl flooring is less slippery and therefore easier to keep clean and maintain.

3. The location of the floor’s former

Your shower space is located by the floor former, also known as the wet room shower tray. Decide where it would be most useful to place something for a while. Place it away from the door or in front of a window, for example, and preferably provide space to navigate around it.

The location of the shower is important because it often serves as the room’s main point. Your wet room contractor will be able to provide you with clear information on sizes and measurements that may help you plan it in and practical advice on where a floor former would suit you best.

4. Shower surround

Your shower surround comes in a variety of styles. One solution acceptable for smaller wet rooms is to completely skip a surround, although, in this instance, the floor former will need to be big enough to efficiently direct all the water separated from the majority of the room.

Wet room screens made of frameless glass or half-shower enclosures are a wonderful touch since they protect individuals from water spray and steam while still creating the impression that the space is open. Glass screens without frames are also very simple to maintain and clean.

Completely frameless enclosures, enclosed shower screens, and curtains give more privacy while still being completely accessible. These are advantageous since they provide you with the option to take an enclosed or an open shower.

5. Your Prefered Style

You might have been led to believe that installing a wet room is a complex effort after reading all of these practical factors. But it’s not, really! You can develop your own style in the design in a variety of ways as well.

One place where you can add more elegance is with wall tiling; if you choose floor tiles, mosaic and texturised designs combine fashion with functionality. Taps handle, and heated towel rails are examples of fittings where you can choose something unique and particular to your preferences.

We sincerely hope you have found this brief list helpful and have a better understanding of what is needed when building a wet room.

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