Our Top 10 Bathroom Mistakes To Avoid

Planning is the key to a good bathroom design, regardless of whether you’re considering an entirely new appearance or just a few minor adjustments. There are several factors to consider when building your bathroom to make sure it looks wonderful and functions perfectly well into the future, from understanding what kind of water system you have to selecting a style and deciding which taps you would like. You can start off right with our list of bathroom design mistakes to avoid.

1. Ignoring Your Exact Needs

It’s simple to ignore your exact needs and how you can use the space when building a new bathroom. Therefore, before doing or making a decision, consider how you’d like your bathroom to feel, who else uses it, and how much time you spend there.

Before beginning any major renovations, consider all of your needs and what you want from the area. This will help you create a bathroom that is stylish and useful, and it will also help you avoid making costly mistakes.

2. Keep the Lighting in Mind

The best time to plan your lighting arrangement is at the start of your bathroom design project. To create a soothing atmosphere, incorporate task lighting as well as adjustable spotlights.

Candles provide a straightforward yet efficient technique to quickly create a peaceful and serene environment at a lower cost.

3. Incorrect Measurements

It’s important to carefully measure the area and confirm your measurements before making a purchase because the last thing you want is to receive a set only to discover that the toilet or bath won’t fit. To make the most of your small bathroom space, choose small fixtures and reflective coatings.

4. Floor Design Ignored

The bathroom floor is a great location where you can definitely make a statement but is also one that is easily ignored. An impressive bathroom can be differentiated from one that is only acceptable by the use of a feature floor. A bold, eye-catching print on the floor tiles will add impact to your bathroom and make the room more lively.

5. Selecting Unsuitable Items

Before investing in a new shower and faucet, find out what kind of water system your house has. If you don’t have a suitable water system, it won’t do you any good to set your heart on that gorgeous shower kit.

The best products to use for your water system can be chosen with the guidance of a qualified plumber.

Everything you need to know about creating a fantastic showering experience, from knowing water pressure to trendy showering solutions, is provided here.

6. Not taking into Consideration Different Finishes

When it comes to the stylish bathroom, chrome may be a highly popular finish choice, but it’s not the only one. Consider using white, black, copper, or gold for something a little different.

Black boosts a modern bathroom design, while gold is perfect for producing a rich appeal. Copper provides a sophisticated touch to a conventional bathroom.

7. Creating a Space Without Personality

Don’t be afraid to use colour, texture, and pattern to give the bathroom some personality; it doesn’t have to be simple and white.

If you’re making small adjustments, adding colour and texture with plants, towels, and accessories is straightforward. But, if you’re making significant changes, why not use patterned tiles or wallpaper with a stunning pattern to make a feature wall?

Since we spend so much time in the bathroom, it should feel and seem just as fashionable as the other rooms in your house.

8. Speeding Through the Tile Selection Process

Take your time picking on colour, size, and material because the proper tile decision may make or break your bathroom. Even the proper colour of grout can make a massive difference.

Large tiles can create the sense of more space in a tiny bathroom. If you like the look of stone or marble but can’t afford the real thing, there are many porcelain lookalikes that you can use as an alternative. Metro tiles are highly well-liked and are available in a variety of colours to fit any preference.

9. Never Underestimate the Mirror

A mirror is not only a useful bathroom accessory; the appropriate one can enlarge a tiny space by diffusing light.

When picking a mirror, make sure it complements the style of your bathroom and is sized properly for everyone to see their reflection.

You might add a giant circular mirror for an up-to-date style or build a mirror wall to make a statement. The lighting in a bathroom mirror is enough to apply makeup or shave in the morning, but it is also soft enough to create a soothing ambience when taking a long bath in the evening.

10. Disregarding the Accessories

It can be simple to disregard the accessories when constructing a new bathroom because there are so many things to think about. Your new bathroom will receive the essential finishing touches from a chic set of coordinating accents and details like candles, vases, and jugs. The little things are what can actually tie everything together.

Now that you are aware of the bathroom design mistakes to avoid, why not look at our comprehensive guide on bathroom design for ideas on how to make the ideal room?