Wet Room Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Contrary to a typical bathroom, which has designated “wet sections” where water-resistant materials like tiling or panelling are installed to prevent water damage, a wet room is made to be completely waterproof.

A wet room will often have sealed floors and walls to stop water from leaking out of the space and slanted flooring to direct water toward a small drain. This supports the fact that installing a separate shower tray won’t always be necessary for a wet room.

Wet rooms, which are both practical and attractive in today’s bathroom trends, are especially well-liked because they’re such a practical solution when you’re working with a relatively small space.

Why Do I Need a Wet Room?

Your bathroom will look a little more stunning and trendy after installing a wet room. Wet rooms, which feature a modern, streamlined form, provide you with the freedom to take a shower without being confined by an enclosure.

We’ll go over a few of the advantages of wet rooms so you can decide whether to install one in your house. Wet rooms have a lot of advantages.

Save Up Space

First off, wet rooms are a very practical method to make the best use of the space you have. With a spacious bathing area that doesn’t call for the installation of any large shower enclosures, you can avoid installing a bathtub in tiny bathrooms and instead free up the space. Functionality is focused on wet room design ideas, which will transform even the smallest bathrooms into useful spaces with a spa-like atmosphere.

Cleaning it is Easy

Shower enclosures, which are famous for developing mould growth, are typically not used in wet room design ideas because they would require constant cleaning. You will likely only need to clean one shower screen, along with a toilet and possibly a wall-mounted sink. Your floor area will appear even more spacious as it will never be occupied.


A wet room is useful and has a modern, spa-like appearance that follows present bathroom design trends. You can experiment with various colour schemes to get the desired aesthetic; for example, you might install a shower screen with industrial-style black fixtures or combine marble tiles with gold accents for a more sophisticated look.

A small wet room can increase the value of your home by converting a small area into a luxury yet useful shower room when carefully planned.


Wet room designs give you the option of an elegant shower in a room that you can customise to be precisely what you need and want it to be. They offer a great deal of freedom and versatility. We provide a variety of rooms you’ll want to look at, and there are countless design options available to you because of their increasing popularity.

You can use a variety of different organic fibres in your shower room because wet room ideas typically emphasise minimalism. When used in a small wet room’s design, tiles, marble, mosaic, and terrazzo all look great, especially when the shower area is highlighted by using different patterns and colours to divide the space. You may choose to go for a spa-inspired design with underfloor warmers and body jets that massage or you could want to go for a more industrial design with dramatic concrete accents.


For those who need a very accessible environment due to limited movement, such as the elderly, wheelchair users, and disabled individuals, installing a wet room is ideal. A wet room is a safer and more useful alternative to your normal bathroom because there is no need for a shower tray and the floor is specifically non-slip.

5 Small Wet Room Ideas

In order to provide you with even more inspiration, let’s look at some of our top wet room bathroom design ideas and some of our greatest bathroom accessory products.

1. Elegant Rainfall Shower

Installing an elegant rainfall shower is one of our favourite spa-inspired wet room ideas. Rainfall showers, which are typically larger than conventional shower heads, produce a constant spray of water down over the top of the head for a rejuvenating and refreshing sensation.

Shower heads like our Hudson Reed Rectangular Ceiling Mounted Shower Head are excellent examples of the opulent fixtures you could have in a wet room. The sleek, rectangular shape combined with the enormous number of water holes allows for a revitalising rainfall experience, and the stainless steel finish blends any other contemporary-styled accessories.

2. Premium Tiles

One of our most practical wet room ideas is installing high-quality tiles, which is a durable solution that will also produce a modern feel. The process of the tiling is adaptable and may be used to achieve any aesthetic style because it is available in a variety of materials and textures.

Tiles work well for draining and waterproofing, making them a good choice for moist rooms. Even better, since flooring tiles typically have a non-slip surface, they will increase the bathroom’s overall safety.

Grey tiles are currently a popular choice, and by using two distinct hues, you can generate a contrast that will truly tie the area together. Choose mosaic tiles that extend from floor to ceiling to create the illusion of more space than you actually have. Our Glass and Stone Natural Mix Mosaic includes sharp, clear whites and moderate tones of grey through to beige to bring the classic elegance of natural stone into your bathroom.

3. Unique Features

Even a modest wet room might appear larger than it actually is by using a feature wall as an eye-catching focal point in creative wet room ideas. Use a tall shower panel to draw attention to the shower area and give the space height. As an alternative to dominating pieces that would ordinarily split the space in a way that makes it feel smaller and more confined, you could use mosaic tiles to divide the space into portions around the wet room shower.

4. Accessories

There is always the option of installing a shower screen made of frameless glass if you wished to maintain the showering space a little more enclosed. Given that glass is transparent and won’t take up much room, it will ensure that even a small wet room feels airy. 

Despite the fact that a wet room often lacks a shower tray, you could install one if you wanted to. The entire floor won’t get wet when the shower is running if you use a slim low profile tray because it will go in with the decor of the room.

5. Innovative Technology

Heated floors are another option that works well in bathrooms with wet rooms if you’re looking for wet room ideas that will let you replicate the luxury of a spa in your own house. Wet rooms are perfect for underfloor heating systems because of their open layout. Since tiles have a high level of thermal conductivity, they function well with this type of system since they heat up quickly and hold their warmth. In addition to transforming your wet room into a warm, lavish place, underfloor heaters will also assist you in lowering your energy expenses because they are more energy-efficient than central heating systems.

By including massage jets, you may give your shower a spa-like atmosphere. You can install jets all over your showering space to use the water spraying from their nozzles as a massager. One of the cheapest bathroom technology options, our selection of jets comes in a variety of sizes and forms and would be perfect for a tiny wet room. 

Frequently Ask Questions

We’ve gathered some of the more often-asked questions and then used our knowledge to provide you with the following suggestions and inspiration. If you’re still unsure about whether or not this bathroom design is right for you, keep reading.

Is it a good idea to have a wet room?

According to the latest style, wet rooms are actually a smart option due to the numerous advantages they possess.

A wet room can be built on any level of your house, as long as there is space under the flooring for the drain to be lowered and a concealed shower tray to be placed. Secondly, you’ll be able to use that unpleasant, excessively cramped area in your home and convert it into a useful little wet room because wet room ideas can be implemented even when you’re short on square footage. Finally, you won’t have to worry about leaks, which are a major draw of shower rooms. A fully waterproofed shower room allows water to run across the floor without creating any problems.

Exactly how little may a wet room be?

Making a wet room out of a small area is simply because it can be made to fit a range of spaces. We even have a number of wet room suites that are merely 800mm x 800mm in size. The amount of room you will need ultimately depends on whether you plan to add a wall-hung sink and toilet in addition to your shower. To determine how many objects you can install, take the time to examine the room’s measurements. Most of the time, you’ll discover that a wet room may practically fit in any space, no matter how small.

What differentiates a wet room from a walk-in shower?

Wet rooms and walk-in showers differ significantly in that a “real” wet room is completely open plan and the water flows into the floor, whereas a walk-in shower normally consists of several screens and a shower tray.

For a small wet room, what is required?

You’ll discover that a wet room requires a completely new design. Prior to beginning the work of installing tiles and panels, you should seal and waterproof the entire bathroom. After that, you should create a sloped floor with a drain.

Choose the location of the shower’s head and valve as a guide, and think about whether you want a panel separating the wet area of the shower from the bathroom’s other areas. Make sure all of your lights are watertight and that heated towel rails are installed far from any potential splash zones. To avoid condensation and humidity, it’s a good idea to make sure you have enough ventilation choices. Consider any extra comforts you might want to add, such as shower seats or, depending on the size of the bathroom, a suspended toilet and sink. Consider wall-hung storage options rather than having a vanity unit on the floor for items like toilet rolls that are susceptible to becoming damp since it’s likely that you won’t have furniture set up on the floor.