Stormwater Detention

Wahaso is a leading seller of stormwater detention systems in the US that accommodate large quantities of stormwater. Our stormwater retention system provides... Stormwater Detention

Stormwater Detention

Wahaso is a leading seller of  stormwater detention systems in the US that accommodate large quantities of stormwater. Our stormwater retention system provides a more robust treatment that helps handle difficult contaminants.

What is Stormwater Detention and Why Detain Stormwater?

Stormwater refers to the water from rain collected from the ground surfaces. When the rainwater hits the ground or goes into a drain, it becomes stormwater. Residential and commercial buildings need to plan and meet local stormwater detention requirements.

Stormwater detention system collects and stores the rainwater flowing on ground surfaces and areas such as driveways, paths, pebble rock, etc. Our system captures stormwater and detains it from a special water tank. The water tank encompasses a slow-release valve that allows the water to drain slowly. Stormwater tanks can be of two types:

  1. Two water tank models – One tank helps harvest rainwater, while the other focuses on stormwater detention.
  2. Dual compartment tank – One tank is for storing water, and the other comes with a slow-release value to empty detained stormwater.

Our tanks can store more water even in consecutive downpours. Our systems can help the stormwater drainage network in your area manage the water runoff during heavy storms more efficiently.

What does a stormwater system do?

A stormwater system collects and stores large quantities of stormwater and removes contaminants like silt, hydrocarbons, and fertilizers from the water. This system encompasses a robust treatment design that helps process difficult contaminants. 

Our Stormwater system is one of the best products in the market as it removes contaminants like sediments, hydrocarbons, debris, and other water pollutants fast and effectively. It comes with a pre-filter and a Nutrient Separating Baffle Box (NSBB) to improve the longevity of the cistern. The Nutrient Separating Baffle Box in the system screens and hydrodynamically separates the pollutants from the stormwater and stores the debris in a dry state. Our IAMPO 324 certified stormwater system filters the water down to 0.02 microns and removes suspended solids, including bacteria and viruses. The stormwater system filters the water using Ultraviolet (UV) and chlorine before distributing it for end-use or storing it in a water holding tank.

Benefits Of Installing A Stormwater Detention System

Our IAPMO 324 Certified is reliable, long-lasting, and safe. Some of the system’s benefits include:

  1. A detention system is an inevitable part of stormwater management and helps hold the water for a prolonged period before releasing it into the municipal storm system. Our system retains the water for reuse later instead of releasing it.
  2. The Wahaso stormwater harvesting system collects and treats that water, providing building owners with a sustainable and cost-effective solution to meet high water demand in hotter months.
  3. The Wahaso stormwater system can treat anywhere from 2,000 to 200,000 gallons per day or more and runs reliably for long periods with minimal maintenance.

Wahaso manufactures and sells the highest quality stormwater detention systems that are fully scalable and process up to 200,000 gallons per day. Each of our systems comes with in-built filtration and sanitation equipment, and we can customize it to meet your needs and requirements. Download our information sheets here or call us at (800) 580-5350 to get a free estimate.