Organic Fertilizer For Plants Charlottetown

By using an organic fertilizer for plants in Charlottetown, you’ll not only be giving your plants a mineral boost that... Organic Fertilizer For Plants Charlottetown

Organic Fertilizer For Plants Charlottetown

By using an organic fertilizer for plants in Charlottetown, you’ll not only be giving your plants a mineral boost that will directly impact crop yield, but you’ll also be giving your soil the nutrients needed for current and future crops to thrive. Huplaso is an organic plant fertilizer made solely from volcanic rock dust; it’s safe to use on vetgables, fruits, berries, leafy greens, and all types of garden plants. With Huplaso, organic gardening is easier, more efficient, and highly productive. Don’t go another growing season without our organic plant fertilizer.

What Makes Huplaso Organic?

Huplaso is made entirely from ultramafic basalt volcanic rock dust that dates from the Middle Ordovician era, roughly 460-466 ma. Our product was mined from the New Brunswick, Canada quarry where there’s a volcanic deposit displaying unique characteristics. Rapidly cooling magma in this area retained a large portion of surrounding minerals. Huplaso contains 57 unique trace minerals that are highly beneficial for organic gardening. Our customers attest to the fact that our organic fertilizer is:

  • One of the best soil amendments for cannabis
  • One of the best organic soluble fertilizers to increase yield
  • Superior as a plant and lawn fertilizer
  • The best organic plant food for vegetable gardening
  • Exceptional for fruit trees
  • A safe to use organic fertilizer for plants in Charlottetown

Why Is Organic Better For Your Crops?

A lot of people today are confused about what organic means in the garden; in a nutshell, organic simply means 100% natural with no chemical additives or artificial ingredients. Organic pertains to a product that is not only natural but was created through natural means. Organic produce was grown using only natural, safe products- nothing harmful.

Huplaso is not only organic, but it contains numerous trace mineral elements that are missing from most other organic fertilizers. These minerals enable garden plants to thrive and create a nutritionally-dense crop, which is healthier to eat. By using Huplaso organic fertilizer for plants in Charlottesville, you’ll see up to 35% increased yield when it’s time to harvest your fruits and vegetables.

Why All Organic Fertilizers Are Not Created Equal

You may have used an organic fertilizer in the past and found that it was smelly, messy, hard to mix, and difficult to apply. That’s not the case with Huplaso. Our volcanic rock dust is odor-free and so easy to apply that even kids can safely help with fertilizing in the garden. Due to the unique characteristics of Huplaso, its microscopic edges will deter insect pests and keep them from damaging leafy crops and soft produce, such as tomatoes, strawberries, cherries, and other juicy fruits and vegetables.

Want To Try Huplaso For Free?

Request a free trial size sample of Huplaso by calling 833-487-5276 or us our online form to let us know you’re interested in our product and want to give it a try- risk-free. If, like other gardeners who have tried our product and seen with their own eyes what it can do for their crops, you want to place an order for Huplaso volcanic rock dust, simply click the ‘Shop’ link on our website and choose from 3 convenient sizes.

Organic Fertilizer For Plants Charlottetown



Organic Fertilizer For Plants Charlottetown

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