12 Simple Ideas For Warming Up Your Bathroom

How to make your Bathroom warm in the Winter

Is your bathroom a little chilly?

It’s not just you. The bathroom might rank among the coldest areas in the house. They frequently have hard, carpetless floors and are filled with ceramic. In fact, they need a window or an extractor fan, both of which might let in chilly breezes.

There is nothing worse than coming out of the shower or bath into icy weather. It can sabotage desperately needed downtime and make chilly mornings downright unpleasant. But don’t panic, there are several techniques to heat up a bathroom in time for winter.

We’ve created a list of suggestions. Some are inexpensive and fun, while others are longer-term investments. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Re-sealed Windows in the bathroom

Definitely check the seals if your windows allow breezes to enter. Do they have worn, frayed, or separating edges? If so, resealing them would likely be beneficial for improved insulation. A tradesperson should have no trouble fixing the issue and there are lots of internet DIY tutorials available as well.

2. Try window insulation using adhesive

Adding clear adhesive vinyl to the inner panes of closed windows is another method for preventing heat loss. This is a quick and easy technique to stop heat from escaping through the window, and it won’t change how much sunshine enters your room.

3. Cosy bathmats will warm your toes

Bathmats and rugs help prevent slippery floors, but they can also give an extra layer of insulation. It is considerably more pleasant to step out into a plush bathmat rather than cold, hard surfaces.

4. Candles make you feel warmer

While lighting a candle won’t create a heat source, it will help the space feel warmer. Lighting a candle is a beautiful, soothing touch that can warm the air while you enjoy a long soak in the tub.

5. Use heavy blinds to block out the heat

A clever idea to keep warm air in your bathroom and provide privacy at night is to cover your window frame with thick, fabric shades. Roller blinds are a fantastic choice because they come in a variety of fabric patterns and don’t take up a lot of space.

6. Buy some soft new towels

Towels become gritty, scratchy, and crisp to the touch after years of repeated washing. Buying fresh towels is an easy method to make bathing and showering more enjoyable during the winter. Trying to bury yourself in something fluffy and plush can be the difference-maker.

7. Warm up the design

When decorating our bathrooms, we frequently stick to cooler colours. Blues, whites, greys, and greens are beautiful colours, but they might give the impression that the room is cold. A prominent wall painted in a warmer hue, such as pink, yellow, or a sandy neutral, will help lighten the room and give it a cosy atmosphere.

8. Put in some natural elements

By their very nature, ceramics are cold and hard, therefore balancing them with other elements can help lessen their impact. A bathroom might feel warmer by adding more natural colours like wood, slate, and cotton.

9. Improve the lighting

Due to their practicality, LED lamps are frequently added to bathrooms. The light they produce, though, can be rather harsh. The light that is 4000K or higher and imitates daylight is referred to as cold light.

On the other hand, light that is estimated at 3000K and below is warmer and has a tone identical to that of a candle or a fire. The visible chill in your home can be reduced by changing your lightbulbs to warmer hues.

Why not try one of these more long-lasting methods of heating your bathroom if you’ve tried the ideas above and they haven’t exactly provided the effects you’re looking for?

10. Set up a heated towel rail

This is a very efficient method of warming up a bathroom since it produces heat that circulates throughout the space and warm, dry towels. There are numerous variations of heated towel rails, including electric and central heating variants.

11. Purchase under floor heating

The best option for warming up your bathroom is underfloor heating if you’re ready to spend a bit more money on it. Once installed, electric underfloor heating mats simply raise the floor level by around 1 centimetre and are fairly priced to maintain. Depending on the size of the space and the flooring, they can be installed in about a day. Underfoot comfort is enhanced by the delightfully toasty feeling of underfloor heating, which evenly distributes heat throughout the room.

12. Buy an electric panel heater

There are currently numerous types of electric heaters made specifically for this usage, even though some won’t be appropriate for use in the bathroom (because of the risk of water contact). They are secure to use because they can be attached to the wall and managed from outside the room.

We hope these ideas were helpful to you. Why not contact our team if you’re thinking about any of these possibilities as part of a larger bathroom remodelling project? We’ll be able to respond to your enquiries and provide you with helpful guidance. Contact our customer service department right now!